Sunday, 28 March 2010


There’s a rose outside my window
so red, so red

glowing through the hazy glasspanes
so red, so red

drawn by pulsating blood in those petals
murky caterpillars are inching closer

the lights are out and there’s no moon
the rose still glows outside my window
so red, so red…

for miles the terrain is bathed in red
deep red, blood red

from the foot of my bed
to the worms outside
flows blood, my blood

the petals dried , the rose has died
deep red, putrid red

I’m so red, I’m dripping red
yet see my veins are throbbing blue

I see the cloak that death wears
It comes in a deep, drained blue

A red lined with a choking blue..

There’s the rose outside my window
So dead, so dead.

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