Thursday, 5 May 2011


The stars are fading
the light will yield
tonight we'll watch nocturnal blooms
and surrender a time or two..

Poetry whispers amidst the trees
wind wallowing the veneer
Silent moans, echoing wave
drowns the air beneath its qualm

The Unknown arrives
myriad voices unfold
The unseen transpires
carrying stories untold

it surrounds the fields
scents the air we breathe
it trembles at my fingertips.

In misty terrain it crawls unseen
until the sky reveals
fairytales spun from wanton light:
a deja vu of you and me.

slyly, over the hills and valleys
it circles the horizon of dreams
an edge closer to fall
and yet remembrance wont refrain.
Trembling leaves revoke it,
crumbling branches resound
and guides those visions away
you fade into the moonlight
this time, I know forever.

I stand beside me
and push me down the girth
as the light glows blue in sorrow.

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