Sunday, 15 August 2010


Footsteps firm on barren sand
no guilty regrets, no sentiments to hide
Crimson drops liven the thirsty land
flowing free drained from the cut neckline

The shining sword in his bleeding hand
has won his battle it's bleeding as well
the metal that spilled the enemy's blood
is his weapon, his pride and his Holy Cross.

His wavering shadow and benumbed limbs
tell him the end isn't far.
but over mutilated torsoes and slashed heads
the Hero walks proud- never lost a war.
Knowing bravehearts dwell not beneath the soil
but high among the stars.

Dark clouds come and hide the scorching sun
Rain pours down, cleanses his skin and sword
the face glows pure, why, his deeds are done
Salvation; At last; the pain is no more.
Etched across his face the hero's final words shine
"I've lived the life worth dying for; I leave no legacy behind."
A bolt of Lightening strikes his Cross; sanctifies his soul
Dark Blood and the soil burns; sole testimony- his Sword.

. Aerial.

He was a boy who loved to dream
He dreamed of love and of being free.
One sunlit day when the grass was green
there he met his heroine.

She looked at him with a sensuous smile
and he just got lost in her eyes.
Leaving the rest to fate they ran
Together, into neverland.

The woods had never smelt so sweet
as then with her hands in his;
the undergrowth bloomed so cosy
as they merged soul and body.

his dreams turned to reality-
"I love you", whisphered she.
elated, he put his fears to rest
and fell asleep at her chest.

He opened his eyes and it was dark
he stared aghast at his empty arms.
he called for her on and on again
searched the woods in vain.
He raised his head and cried to the skies,
to watch the clouds divide
into the shadow of a pleading nymph
her face, her hair, her eyes
"I can't be yours; can't be free;
I'm Aerial, never destined to live."

her face filled with pain and light
faded without saying goodbye.

and the boy who had dreamed too much
felt his heart crumbling in the dark
his feet left the cliff and sank thru the air.
He had drowned in Aerial.


A note resounds
from my fingerstrings
A small drop
stirring torrents in the soul
falling into a turbulent dream
a savage river wrenches open-
-cracks in the heart
the pain drowns!
In the new wave of elation
the soul is ablaze
passion, surging through the veins
agony taps its rhythm
in a wild dance of freedom
- six strings and sedated sleep.

a waterfall unleashed from the bass
KILLS me with primitive force
device becomes the master
enslaving artist in the current.
Swirling in its depth
i wait to drown in that distortion

somewhere above an angel smiled
before the tide swept over my psyche;
now here I am
washed over at your feet
panting from waves of delusion..