Sunday, 20 November 2011

till death do us part

In the rain
of clouded thought
oozing doubt
unsustained distraught
A dance of past allegories,
Rusted dimensions, of truth
they cut deeper,
inch by inch
naked glass, on naked feet

The undergrowth reveals.

With harrowed pain
Blinds drawn
And second thoughts
that transcended the first,
this pavilion was built.
It was torn down
And rebuilt
a thousand times over
to accommodate the music
of mad fatal love,
and words that triumphed
over silence.

Over to tomorrow
when fate plays its cards
We have but one to play
till the curtain call.

We bled till we renewed
disagreed till we evolved.
Scars stay to remind
But in faith we are baptized
And we remain,
for the faith is in love
till death do us part.