Thursday, 28 February 2013

The seed of love.

She asked for a gift that would be forever.
He gave her, not diamonds, nor lovebites lingering
but a pot of Earth - with a seed buried within.

"Feed it warm care, and drops of passion
a whispered caress and good clean air
Bloom it would, into valleys of flowers,
an orchard where children would play,
where by night, you and me while making love
shall dream of  esoteric shores
and fall asleep on the forest floor 
under the ardent moon aglow."

She placed it where it would gather all the sunshine. 


Lurid, the lamenting sky
sepia sweeps her subterfuge
prominent in their absense, colours
evade my easel, anew
drenched in perpetual hues of you
spilling over the palette
I paint my own mirage
silhouettes in your resemblance
amidst the blinking bokeh,
an obscuring foliage,
and shadows
to fill the void.